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Arctic Butterfly® SD800 Pro Kit  

For difficult of access
parts of camera

For different stages
of sensor cleaning
The Arctic Butterfly® SD800 Professional Kit is compiled for the photographer with more than one camera in their arsenal. Equipped with everything a photographer needs for 'dry cleaning' the digital SLR sensor and other sensitive parts inside camera body, this kit is a must have.
  • Arctic Butterfly® 724 (no LED) with an APS size sensor brush
  • 1.6x/16 mm size sensor brush (thick for heavy cleaning)
  • 1.0x/24 mm -1.3x/13mm size sensor brush
  • An angled mirror/focusing screen brush
  • An one-size-fits-all brush adapter
    for the Arctic Butterfly® 724
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Avoid bringing Arctic Butterfly fibers in contact with Chamber area.
In case contaminations please refer to our instruction
“How to clean smear”.
* Colour may vary
* Try to accomodate requested color of item on shipping
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$145.50 USD*  |  108.03*    
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