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Everything you need for DSLR camera sensor cleaning

If you are planning to clean your digital camera — find products tailored to your DSLR camera cleaning. Please be attentive when you start sensor cleaning. You can find on this site two different ways to clean your digital camera sensorwet (to remove oil, smear, lubricant) and dry (to remove dust, sand).

Welcome to VisibleDust web site.

We created this web site for you. Here you can find precise information on how to keep your Digital SLR camera clean using the safest methods and solutions to eliminate all kind of contamination from DSLR sensor, focusing screen and mirror. Also we provide “must know” information about digital cameras features such as sensor sizes, different sensor coating and how to handle

We have a lot of tutorial videos about camera and sensor cleaning. Please read the instructions carefully before you start the cleaning process.

It is proven safe and effective to clean your digital camera sensor with VisibleDust line of products.

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The Facts and Science of DSLR camera cleaning

Professional level sensor cleaning experience.

Using SwabLight™ from VisibleDust lessens the fear associated with self sensor cleaning,
greatly enhances efficiency and results in reducing the number of swabs used per sensor cleaning session leading to more saving. SwabLight™ takes you to a completely higher professional level and fun sensor cleaning experience.

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Camera cleaning news

FlexoDome™ is the world's first and only unique device to be used in conjunction with dust blowers.
  • FlexoDome™ acts as a fence against the sensor contact and blower nozzle.
  • Directional blast maximizes the efficiency of traditional blower.
  • Removing dust particles without creating the adverse side effects.

SwabLight is the world's first innovative and unique product from VisibleDust.
  • Firm swab grip for a proper movement and pressure for streak free results.
  • Easily master edge to edge sensor cleaning.
  • Clear view of the sensor surface during sensor cleaning.