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Arctic Butterfly® 788(With Light) - Sensor Loupe™ Combo

'Dry' Cleaning Method

Spin the brush to recharge the bristles and remove any previous debris. After recharging bristles, insert brush width to width of sensor.
Rotate and gently rest bristles on far edge of sensor. Lightly draw the bristles over the width of sensor.
Do not apply too much pressure. Lift from sensor, rotate brush width to width of sensor and remove.
Spin the brush to remove any debris that has been collected.

Arctic Butterfly® - 788(With Light) Instructions

WARNING: Do Not Spin Device While Brush is on Camera’s Sensor

Read complete instructions below before using your spinning device
  1. Requires one (1) "AAA" batterie (not included). Use high quality batteries for best performance. Remove the batteries before traveling on an airplane.

  2. Do not use on camera chamber or parts other than sensor, otherwise you will smear the sensor.

  3. Wash inside the cap occasionally with mild soap or in case of a smear.

  4. The brush is already inserted into the device, however if the brush comes off (or if you pull it out of the device to wash the brush filaments), you can always attach it back to the device. Do not use glue! The brush is meant to attach to device without glue.

  5. When removing the cap, do not pull straight off. Instead, "unscrew the cap following the arrows direction"

  6. Turn the device on and spin the brush 3 times for 5 seconds. This will enhance the fiber charges and dislodge any particles within the fibers via centripetal force.

  7. Take the Arctic Butterfly® - 788 and gently brush across your sensor ONCE. Do not spin the brush while on sensor! Keep your fingers away from the power button on the device while cleaning the sensor to prevent accidental spinning.

  8. Release the camera shutter and proceed with checking the image for evidence of dust particles.

  9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 if necessary.