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Visi Clean™ ultra-thin microfiber cleaning cloth
for optics and camera lens -
320 mm x 380 mm | 12.6” x 15”  

Produced from ultra fine 0.1 denier microfibers for optimum softness and density Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth are perfect for cleaning camera optics such as lenses and viewfinders. These cloths absorb dirt, grease and moisture more effectively than natural chamois leather, leaving a spot-free finish without abrasions.

Lens is important and expensive part of digital camera. Sand, dust and moist from environment are deposited on digital camera leans when you do pictures outside. To avoid scratches use blower first after that use special cloth with liquid for optical surfaces without alcohol.

It is recommended to use Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth in conjunction with Optix Clean™ optics cleaning liquid for all multi-coated optical surfaces for a comprehensive optical surface cleaning.

How to use:
  1. To avoid scratches use anti-static blower first
  2. Spray Optix™ Clean to a Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth
  3. Using Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth gently remove fingerprints, grime and oil from the lens surface by a circular motion, working from the center outward

Visi Clean™ Microfiber Cloth is also available in Optix Clean™ combo that includes everything for cleaning camera lenses, viewfinders, binoculars, telescopes, computer screens, LCD Screens, eyeglasses and other multi-coated optical surfaces.

Size: 320 mm x 380 mm | 12.6” x 15”

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