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Arctic Beez pulsating device PLUS FREE GIFT —
EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit THINLITE-X
Light Cleaning  

Wet Cleaning Guide    DSLR Sensor Size Chart

To make your first experience of wet sensor cleaning with the unique pulsating device Arctic Beez more enjoyable, we decided to add a gift of EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit THINLITE-X (five Orange Swabs and two 1.15 ml bottles of VDust Plus).

Buy Arctic Beez and take EZ Kit THINLITE-X absolutely FREE! Save $31.15 CAD on EZ Kit!

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  1. Arctic Beez™ pulsating device (1)
  2. VDust Plus™ cleaning liquid 1.15 ml (2 per pack)
  3. DHAP Orange sensor cleaning swabs — Vswabs®
    (size specific, 5 per pack)
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 1.6x (16 mm) Swab Size
 1.3x (20 mm) Swab Size   
 1.0x (24 mm) Swab Size
$131.95 CAD
$101.47 USD*  |  112.16*    
(* approximate price)
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